Our Services

Nolij is a certified WOSB health information technology company. For a snapshot of Nolij, please download our capability statement.

Enterprise software testing is the cornerstone of Nolij. We develop test cases, test reports, and test documentation for system integration testing interoperability testing, and performance testing. By catching defects early in software development, we sharpen product performance to maximize return-on-investment. We learn the business behind the systems we test, diagnosing problems as they emerge. We fully validate functionality while streamlining workflows, saving money by eliminating redundancies.

Nolij plays an instrumental role in modernizing the new electronic healthcare record system for the DoD by testing Cerner Millennium, which the military calls MHS GENESIS, a platform that supports 9.6 million healthcare beneficiaries.

  • Better Business Processes through Automation
    Conduct error-free automated test events while relying on our test automation to save time and money by reducing tedious manual processes and their associated costs.
  • Pioneering Software Code Quality Checking (SCQC) Support
    Reduce software maintenance and decrease software lifecycle costs by detecting defects, vulnerabilities, and poorly written code early in the SDLC.
  • Test Methodology for Agile Transformation
    Work with a team that defines test-driven development (TDD) for Agile Scrum methodology, providing the deliverables, tools, and workflows for Agile transformation.
  • Test Environment Build-out
    We duplicate global deployment system environments, mirroring complex, real-world operations.
  • Operations Support for Test Environment Readiness
    Validate that environments are stable and ready for test events with integrated system, database, and network technical administration for local and remote networks, physical and virtual servers, and client desktop machines.
  • Shared Services Platforms for Multi-Vendor Environments
    Build shared services platforms complete with the repositories and tools that provide common, consistent outcomes across multiple test environments.
  • Rapid Prototyping, Rapid Deployment
    Nolij defines iterative prototype development and testing standards, promoting joint application development, modular and open-system approaches, and incremental release strategies.

Nolij provides EA lifecycle support, including artifact development, alignment, planning, integration, federation, review, and publication. Nolij develops and documents requirements, and defines program charters, guides, methodologies, and modeling guidebooks. We lay the groundwork for EA analysis and planning, and develop documentation for systems architecture, data architecture, and solutions architecture.

  • Architecture Modeling and Artifact Development
    Develop and refine guidance for architecture model quality, standards for external architecture sharing, and operations support for data technology, data integration, and metadata architecture.
  • Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF) Alignment
    Our DoDAF-certified architects analyze product and system architectures; we develop and publish static DoDAF views, along with dynamic, fit-for-purpose, on-demand architecture views.
  • EA Geared toward DoD Compliance
    Our governance knowledge includes the DoD Business Enterprise Architecture (BEA), DoDAF, MHS EA, Federal Enterprise Architecture, and The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF).
  • Business Intelligence for a Holistic Perspective
    Take advantage of BI that aligns EA with business processes and reference architectures. Support Organizational Execution Plan (OEP) development and use BEA standards for compliance assessments.
  • Tools and Knowledge for Immediate, Effective EA Support
    Use our hands-on experience with System Architect, the DoD open-source SEMOSS analytics platform, and relational data modeling to build EA diagrams, frameworks, and dashboards.
  • Expert Requirements Review and Alignment
    Track requirements through each engineering design review stage, providing traceability between architecture requirements and system specifications.
  • Data Management for Responsible Enterprise Investment
    Perform data collection and analysis for zero-based budgeting review, OEP development, Cerner and Dentrix workflow alignment, and asset inventory lists.
  • Knowledge Management
    Develop SharePoint KM repository services including end-user support, configuration control, and automated workflow generation.

Since its inception, Nolij has supported the MHS GENESIS electronic health record (EHR) modernization deployed to global medical and dental military treatment facilities. Our team has accumulated an in-depth knowledge of the business, clinical, and technical requirements that determine how legacy military health applications integrate with the Cerner platform on which MHS GENESIS is built. We are a prime contract provider of critical IV&V and T&E services, Cerner and Henry Schein Dentrix workflow alignment, deployment, and post-implementation support.

  • IOC and Go-Live Support
    Achieve successful MHS GENESIS go-live through assembly testing, configuration and integration testing (CIT), Operational Assessment (OA) support, and initial operation test and evaluation (IOT&E).
  • Cerner Workflow Alignment
    Nolij documents accurate clinical workflows to ensure applications work according to requirements, providing patients and clinicians the tools they need for fast, secure health record management.
  • COTS Integration Test Activities
    Work with Interface Control Documents (ICDs) to create and maintain test cases for COTS integration, and perform accessibility testing to meet Section 508 technical and functional standards.
  • Test Environment Management that Meets Complex Demands
    Nolij is experienced with complex test environments and has the technical expertise to conduct thorough systems integration test planning, execution, and reporting with minimal risk to deployment.
  • MHS GENESIS Training
    Apply our experience with Cerner Millennium, Henry Schein Dentrix, and Orion Rhapsody to teach and train personnel in MHS GENESIS components, modules, and interfacing systems.
  • Deployment and Post-Implementation Support
    Partner with Nolij to develop deployment plans and identify and close-out defects, and rely on our teams to support vendors in post-implementation code release and patch packages.

Nolij provides infrastructure build-out, image and security baselines, and internal systems tools and utilities for large-scale networks. We manage infrastructure and tools upgrades, COOP planning, high-availability requirements, software and system installations, network connections, databases, storage networks, and backup and recovery policies.

  • Information Assurance (IA)
    To maintain proper security posture, Nolij adheres to HIPAA and FISMA regulations and provides security analysis for ACAT I, II, and III systems.
  • Test Environment Set-up and Configuration
    Our administrators configure servers, desktops, storage devices, load balancers, firewalls, network components, VPNs, and peripherals, and design, provision, and maintain virtual and physical hardware.
  • Technology Refresh and New Environment Builds
    We evaluate physical and virtual servers, CPUs, memory, disk space, and OSs, with a focus on virtualization software, security guidelines, and automated utilities.
  • O&M Monitoring
    Monitor daily network activity and configure alerts for product degradations, high CPU use, and downtime, with daily automated status tests that report on availability.
  • Logistics for Physical Site Transition
    Develop logistics plans to define facility requirements and specifications, how to transition resources among facilities, and the sequence of activities to bring facilities up to operational readiness.
  • Virtual Environment Expertise
    Upgrade infrastructure using cloud services on AWS, VMware, and Microsoft Azure. We implement IaaS and PaaS solutions using virtual environments, interfacing with external services to deliver simultaneous services for different products.
  • Service Desk Support
    Provide 24/7 service desk support for facilities, operations, and applications. Nolij works with Remedy and ServiceNow, develops and manages SharePoint sites, and connects customer support to our testing services.

In every aspect of Nolij service delivery, our teams come prepared with baseline metrics that support critical performance evaluation. We provide meaningful KPIs that complement business processes, and use automation to streamline data collection. Our teams provide metrics-driven services without undue burden on resources, even when Government program managers, CORs, and leadership require on-demand reporting.

  • Nolij uses Domo, Tableau, Java-based web services, SEMOSS, and free and open-source (FOSS) tools to provide real-time data analytics on our services, tasks, and activities.
  • We design, build, and maintain data analytics information applications to show project performance metrics and data, allowing dashboards to be easily generated and presented to management.
  • We incorporate data analytics into our testing approach, creating visualizations that illustrate upstream and downstream system impacts, end-to-end dataflows, and risk analyses.

Nolij helps organizations transition to Agile through cross-functional teams spanning requirements, configuration management, testing, operations, and deployment. Our expertise in each area lets us collaborate in a language familiar to each group. We understand how to prioritize product backlogs and incorporate bug fixes into sprints. Because SDLC methods vary, Nolij offers adaptive, step-by-step process transformation, moving from Waterfall to hybrid-Agile to Agile according to each organization’s capabilities.

  • Proven Agile Transformation Approach
    Put theory into practice. To make the Agile transition a lasting success, Nolij recommends guiding principles for culture, communication, processes, tools, and training, having led Agile transformations.
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Objectives
    To ensure the MVP approach delivers quality products, Nolij offers experience in IV&V and quality assurance. We know how to guide teams toward MVP objectives without sacrificing performance.
  • Key Aspects of the Transition Framework
    Define organizational Agile transition principles, Agile Scrum terminology, and Agile tool workflows. Nolij maps deliverables and milestones from Waterfall to Agile, and integrates testing into the SDLC.
  • Agile for Release Management
    Save money with faster time-to-market by implementing Agile release management. Nolij uses industry-leading Agile tools to improve collaboration throughout development, testing, and deployment.
  • Baked-in Quality and Risk Management
    Perform quality and risk management throughout the sprint cycle. Nolij validates user stories against development and test requirements and embeds QC measures into our IV&V processes.
  • Integrated Agile Tools Platform
    Nolij has successfully developed and implemented integrated Agile tools platforms for automated information-sharing and seamless communication.