Meet the Nolij Team from The City of Joy, Kolkata

Meet the Nolij Team from The City of Joy, Kolkata

India is famous for lots of things–its ancient history, diverse culture, colorful festivals, and spicy-hot cuisine. At Nolij, India is known for our talented team based in Kolkata. Although Kolkata is thousands of miles away from Vienna, Virginia, the India team is an invaluable part of Nolij and just a MS Teams call away. The India team has been pivotal to our growth and efficient operations while providing a superior level of service to both our clients and our employees.

“We are so grateful to have such a talented India team. They are an integral part of the Nolij family and their commitment to company success shows in our 4 + rating on Glassdoor. All our employees know them well and appreciate their hard work to support us and our work life balance. Our India team allows Nolij to go above and beyond for our employees and customers by making us more innovative, agile and responsive. A big thanks to a great job well done!” Ashley Mehta, President & CEO, Nolij Consulting.

The India arm of Nolij is a close-knit group with great synergy and camaraderie. The team provides graphic design, marketing, recruiting, administrative and operational support, employee retention and business development.

Meet our India Team!