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Nolij Consulting Expands Health IT Expertise into the Commercial Sector


Nolij Consulting Expands Health IT Expertise into the Commercial Sector

May 5, 2021

The leader in the federal space extends its track-record for implementing game-changing technologies to improve efficiencies and patient outcomes

Vienna, VA, May 4, 2021 – Nolij Consulting (Nolij, pronounced ‘knowledge’), a leader in federal IT healthcare and a fast-growing, woman-owned business, announces today that it has expanded its offerings into the commercial sector. This shift will enable Nolij’s team of recognized experts to deploy emerging and innovative technologies, an experience it calls ‘digital transformation in a box,’ to modernize and revolutionize operational efficiencies at hospitals, clinics, and among healthcare providers nationwide.

At the core of Nolij’s mission is to improve the health of Americans, and as an organization, its team brings a proven track-record for driving top outcomes across the federal sector. In its work with the Departments of Health and Human Services, Defense, and Homeland Security, Nolij has increasingly leveraged key technologies, such as robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), and electronic health record (EHR) modernization to drive significant impacts, such as:


  • Increased efficiency through reduction of human error in key operational functions, such as scheduling, billing, and inventory;
  • Improved patient experience and outcomes as a result of integrated, streamlined systems that centralize and digitize patient data; and
  • Robust outcomes that contribute directly to providers’ bottom-lines, saving organizations up to tens of millions of dollars each year.


The Nolij approach is built on its ability to seamlessly blend innovative technology into customer environments to drive maximum impacts, and in the importance of selecting the optimal innovative tools as opposed to implementing innovation ‘just for innovation’s sake.’ This move to the commercial sector will allow Nolij to translate the successes it has achieved across the federal sphere to revolutionize healthcare providers’ data security protocols. Leveraging AI and RPA technologies, Nolij helps healthcare organizations remove common bottlenecks that impede top performance, such as scheduling and billing issues and outdated legacy patient file systems that prevent the journey to longitudinal care. An ever-increasing industry, the healthcare IT market is projected to top $390.7B by 2024 according to MarketandMarkets. This has led to a growing volume of patient data, an increase in technological innovations, and rising demand for quick and efficient healthcare processes and systems to keep up with the rapidly-expanding need.

“The healthcare industry is constantly under pressure to improve productivity and patient outcomes while optimizing costs, and this has become an even taller order in the COVID-19 era,” said Ashley Mehta, Chairwoman, President & CEO, Nolij Consulting. “We are confident that it is the right time to expand our expertise and capabilities into the commercial space. Our track-record for top business practices, leading-edge technical knowledge, and our adherence to the highest standards of quality and respect will play a critical role in our ability to help healthcare clients achieve new standards of excellence and efficiency in their business operations.”

About Nolij Consulting

At Nolij, health IT is what we do. Improving the health of Americans is why we do it, particularly military service members and their families. From software and system testing to electronic health record (EHR) modernization to enterprise solutions, we deliver mission-critical support so that our customers can access the care they need when they need it. Even in times of uncertainty—at home where we face the challenges of pandemic and across the globe where our servicemen and servicewomen sacrifice so much for our country—Nolij ensures program success. To learn more visit www.nolijconsulting.com.


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Enterprise software testing is the cornerstone of Nolij. We develop test cases, test reports, and test documentation


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Working with next-generation healthcare applications requires next-generation technology. As healthcare applications support multiple workflows, testing these workflows and understanding where automation can enhance them becomes a key component for system optimization.



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Nolij has the power to drive major, mission-critical initiatives. From tactical teams built to deliver dynamic systems on tight schedules to enterprise initiatives over $100-million in size, Nolij delivers exceptional results. 

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