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Nolij Consulting Brings the Metaverse to the Federal Market

Vienna, VA ––February 9, 2022 – Nolij Consulting (Nolij, pronounced ‘knowledge’)…


Nolij Consulting Brings the Metaverse to the Federal Market

The Health IT leader has launched a pioneering metaverse lab to build 3D immersive solutions for federal clients

Nolij Consulting Brings the Metaverse to the Federal Market

Vienna, VA ––February 9, 2022 – Nolij Consulting (Nolij, pronounced ‘knowledge’), a leader in federal IT healthcare and a fast-growing, woman-owned business, recently launched its innovative Metaverse Lab where it will create virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and interactive 3D content for the enterprise and federal clients.

The metaverse is an alternate, digital reality that can provide rich, life-like interactions and experiences to users and is the next evolution of the internet and social networks using real-time 3D software. As a leading emerging technology provider, Nolij is adding groundbreaking immersive technology to their extensive suite of services and expanding workforce solutions in employee onboarding, training, team collaboration and product simulations. Clients can discover, build and explore experiences in a highly realistic, collaborative and physically simulated VR environment. Because of its realistic graphics, accurate real-world physics and multi-user collaboration, the Metaverse Lab is a powerful design center.

“Nolij is excited to launch our Metaverse Lab and bring next generation solutions to our federal clients,” said Ashley Mehta, Chairwoman, CEO, and President of Nolij Consulting. “The next digital revolution for the business enterprise is here in the metaverse, which will streamline connectivity and make everyday interaction feel more realistic and, as we continue to work in a hybrid work environment, will be more essential than ever. The Nolij Metaverse Lab will deliver solutions that redefine the boundaries of Health IT and keep our clients future-ready.”

Wall Street calculates that the metaverse is nearly a $1 trillion market opportunity. Companies, such as Google, Microsoft and Apple, are currently building out the hardware and software that will be the next generation of virtual interaction. As an early entrant into the metaverse ecosystem, Nolij believes that the federal market is ready for cutting-edge technology adoption in line with Fortune 500 companies such as Walmart, UPS and Fidelity.

“Our solutions are based on the most advanced real-time 3D engines. With the use of state-of- the-art tooling we can help our clients innovate in a wide range of fields, yet personalized to address workplace environments and scenarios,” added Mario Toruno, Vice President, Digital Health Solutions and Strategy.

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Nolij Consulting is a woman-owned, solutions-focused Healthcare IT services company that specializes in digital healthcare modernization for the military, public, and commercial sectors.

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