Saishree Shetty : Vice President of Business Development

Saishree Shetty: Vice President of Business Development

We Asked, She Answered: Women’s History Month Series

Saishree Shetty : Vice President of Business Development

What does Women’s History Month mean to you as an Indian American woman?

It is wonderful we have a month dedicated to honoring women role models. However, we need to honor and recognize women’s contributions frequently and have that reflected in our workplaces. Everything we do in our lives indicate what Women’s History Month stands for—women matter, their contributions are integral to society and to the economy. This month also serves as a reminder for us to emphasize, especially in societies where women do not often work outside the home, that girls and women should work to support their dreams and not just to be providers for their families.

Tell us how your experiences have shaped your career path?

I come from a family of women who were homemakers with no role models for my aspiring career. Regardless, I had big dreams for myself– as a young 12-year-old I wanted to be an engineer. I pursued my dreams by graduating with a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and then getting a Master’s in Information Systems. I worked in technology and moved up into management through the years. My professional experiences led to my current role in business development, which I absolutely love. I am a 100% people person! I would pick the company of others over nature walks, alone time or even pets. Working in business development at a professional services company allows me to combine my passion for technology with my love of people. I still use my knowledge of engineering and technology to understand my clients’ business needs and can align the right technology solutions to those needs.

What advice would you give to young women starting their professional journeys?

I want younger women starting off in their careers to know, “they can have it all”– they can have both a career and a family too. Prioritizing, being organized, building a strong support system and being passionate about what you do enables this. If you are driven by passion, anything is possible. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of building a support system. As an Indian American, I came to a new country where I did not have friends or family, but I created one for myself over the years. You can find someone to be your sister or your favorite aunt who will have your back and who is there for you.

Saishree Shetty: Vice President of Business Development