The Alchemy of AI: Turning Institutional Knowledge into Gold

The Alchemy of AI: Turning Institutional Knowledge into Gold

The Alchemy of AI: Turning Institutional Knowledge into Gold

The objective of a knowledge management system (KMS) is to enable people and organizations to collaborate, share, create, use and reuse knowledge. Organizations primarily capture knowledge from their employees, document their business processes, articulate their standard operating procedures, file records, catalog their products and capture information related to their service delivery.

Emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), have shifted the paradigm on how KMS are built across industries. The power of AI, combined with eDiscovery, has brought in a next generation of KMS that have superior auditing capabilities that verify sources of truth and use AI metadata driven search capabilities.

Nolij is revolutionizing KMS with our custom-built AI platform that encompasses a deep learning artificial neural network software that uses analytic algorithms, text/data mining, pattern recognition and NLP to mimic the way the human brain works. Here are the specific areas where our AI platform will enhance KMS.

AI Will Simplify Knowledge Search & Discovery 

The search feature is an essential component of KMS and brings up relevant content when employees input keywords. What distinguishes a powerful KMS is speed and accuracy in its delivery capabilities.

The Nolij KMS delivers knowledge in context instantly at the point of use by using AI technology to understand what employees are looking for and then utilize NLP and graph-based algorithms to bring up relevant content based on keywords. For example, an employee does not need to know organizational ontology or taxonomy of how the knowledge base is organized to retrieve information. The Nolij AI-based search deduces relevant content based on user-based selection and then predictive analytics allows the user to interact with potential content as search criteria is created.

Second, next generation text analytics can automatically generate relevant tags for content that will amplify an AI-based search engine to bring relevant content. This empowers each employee to find the right information at the right time as the enterprise knowledge base grows; thus, increasing employee productivity. If an AI algorithm cannot find relevant information based on search terms, then it can proactively alert content creators to fill in the knowledge gap and, thereby, increasing business agility.

AI Will Strengthen Collaboration Among Employees 

An AI-powered KM system can help SMEs collaborate effectively by bringing them together in real-time for knowledge creation and sharing. AI can facilitate integration with various collaborative tools, such as google suite, and create powerful KMS-based workflows as new content comes online. 

AI Helps Employees Create Better Content

AI can assist in writing and enriching content by automatically correcting typos, fixing grammatical errors, suggesting right business glossary terms to ensure consistency and create shared understanding among all employees. Going even deeper, an intelligent algorithm can also help to gauge the impact of a knowledge article by aggregating data from multiple sources (such as Google Analytics and article likes). Key insights generated by data mining can be used to further enhance the content. 

Intelligent KMS Help with Learning and Skill Sharing 

The KMS intelligence algorithm can nudge employees into acquiring new skills based on their current expertise and what knowledge content they read, share or contribute to. The KMS further recommends classes that are offered in the enterprise learning system, for instance. The algorithm can also harness the power of data by integrating the different organizational systems to help employees by suggesting content sharing in the right platform. For example, data collected from several analytics tools will help an AI algorithm tailor the right content to be shared in the right platform to maximize engagement. 


An effective KMS improves performance, increases innovation and expands individual and organizational knowledge. An AI-driven KMS will empower organizations to more efficiently capture, share, discover and maintain their organizational knowledge because it goes way beyond your standard and limited SharePoint sites. Nolij offers an exceptional, tried and proven AI based platform that builds rich features into knowledge management systems to seriously revolutionize performance. The next generation of KMS not only captures existing knowledge but facilitates the creation of new knowledge with the power of AI, eDiscovery and NLP.